Рыба голец
Рыба микижа
Рыба кунджа
Рыба хариус
A distinctive feature of the fish is a sail- shaped fin. It lives in the shallows with a rocky bottom. The weight of the fish varies from 0.5 kg to 1.5 kg, but sometimes there are more individuals. You can eat it raw.
A representative of the Char subspecies. The back and sides of the fish are decorated with white spots. The weight of the fish is from 0.5 kg to 5 kg. It is an active predator. It is often caught at high tide and goes into the fish soup.
Another name for the fish is rainbow trout. In our river, the weight of fish ranges from 0.5 kg to 5 kg. The main thing to do in fishing is to actively look for places to feed it. It is perfectly caught on fly fishing lures.
rainbow trout
Premium fishing
In 7 days you will be able to catch and take away with you
up to five species of Pacific salmon
Arctic char, also known as golets The fish got its name because of the features of the scales - it is very small, so it feels like the fish is naked. The weight of adults reaches 1 kg. It is caught mainly on a decoy and small turntables. It goes into the fishsoup
fishing all year round
The largest of the Pacific salmon. It is actively caught from June 20 to the end of July. The fish is characterized by great strength, which makes its fishing really exciting. The average weight is 6-10 kg, and sometimes it reaches 20 kg.
The second largest species of Pacific salmon. It is characterized by a bright color in the form of transverse red-green and black stripes. The average weight is 3-8 kg. It is caught here from mid-July to the end of August.
In another way, the fish is called Krasnitsa, since the color of the fish is completely red, except for the head. The weight varies from 2 kg up to 5 kg. It is caught in our rivers from June 20 to the end of July, the preferred method of fishing is hook fishing.
It comes to the rivers of Kamchatka from the Pacific Ocean Snake herds - summer, autumn and winter. The weight of the fish is from 2 to 8 kg, depending on the herd. It is caught mainlyon heavy oscillators and bluefox spinning spinners.
The chum salmon
The sockeye salmon
The coho salmon
Рыба чавыча
Рыба кета
Рыба нерка
Рыба кижуч
seasonal fishing
Catchings are according to seasons:
The Chinook salmon
fishing lodge
fishing lodge
cottages with comfortable living area and showers.
cottages with standard living conditions
Living conditions
Since the season 2024 we provide our guests with communication services through a high-speed Wi-Fi network (optical fiber) covering the whole territory of the lodge.
All homes feature authentic interior and exterior elements made of mortared larch.
Comfortable beds with Askona mattresses, fireplace area with firewood, board games and books.
Two-story cottage for 3 people. The cottage has two rooms, two bathrooms, shower cabin.
One-storey cottage for 3 people. The cottage has one bathroom with a shower cabin.
One-storey cottage for 2 people. The cottage has one bathroom with a shower cabin.
Two-storey cottage for 4 people. The cottage has two 2-bed rooms, two bathrooms, a shower cabin and a common room with a fireplace.
Two-story cottage for 5 people.
The cottage has two rooms, two bathrooms, two showers and a lounge with a fireplace.
Two-storey cottage for 4 people.
The cottage has two 2-bed rooms, two bathrooms, a shower cabin and a hall with a fireplace.
cottages with rest area and showers
Two-storey cottage for 4 people.
The cottage has two 2-bed rooms and two bathrooms
coho salmon
Two-storey cottage for 4 people.
The cottage has two 2-bed rooms and two bathrooms.
Two-storey cottage for 4 people.
The cottage has two 2-bed rooms and one bathroom
cottages with standard living conditions
Stylish lounge with a round glass table whose lodge is made of walnut larch roots.

Separate barbecue area with the possibility to cook your own pilaf, kebabs and other dishes on the fire.
Cozy cabin with a large fireplace, wooden table and benches. There are musical instruments for soulful evenings, board games and a tea area.

As well as a TV with karaoke and a PS4 consol
A real Russian wood-fired sauna with brooms, aroma oils and a bucket of ice water. The Bathhouse has a large relaxation area with a fireplace, table and sofas.There is an opportunity to play cards, backgammon, order drinks, snacks and hookah in the bar.
Lodge infrastructure
Areas for resting and eating
Tour cost
Categories Junior Suite - 250 thousand rubles.
Luxury category - 300 thousand rubles.
Included in the Tour price
With accommodation in cottages
Individual transfers (jeeps/helicopter)
Caviar and fish stocking (by agreement with the huntsman)
Performance by the ensemble of small peoples of the North
Rental of fishing equipment
Bar and hookah
Payment separately
Transfer - minibus
Fishing license with the right to seize catch
Three meals a day and lunch on the river
Accommodation 7 days/6 nights
Boat + huntsman for 2-4 people.
bathhouse from 18:00 to 23:00
Entertainment at the lodge
Comfortable vacation for the whole family
Comfortable vacation for the whole family
Come to us for fishing with your wife and children. Impressions of nature, atmosphere and caught fish will leave no one indifferent. After all, in the genes of each of us is laid the ancient instinct of the hunter, and he is waiting to be released! Don't wait - gather the whole family and come to us.

Additional Entertainment:
  • PS4 game console
  • Helicopter tours
  • Board games
  • Performance by the ensemble ofpeoples of the North
  • Jeep tour to Tolbachik volcano

    Family discount
    up to -30% for wife and children
    children under 7 years old - free of charge, for women and children from 12 to 18 years old - 20% discount, for children from 7 to 12 years old - 30% discount
    Come over with a company
    • Volleyball court on the territory
    • Board games and a Bathhouse
    • Bar and hookahs
    Group discount
    -10% for a group
    of 20 people or more.
    from 80,000 rubles.
    from 90,000 rubles.
    from 300,000 rubles.
    Learn about the nature of Kamchatka on optional excursions
    You will be able to catch amazing deep sea bass, flounder, terpuga, cod, pollock. The cook on the boat will prepare your catch for dinner.
    Departure from the lodge on prepared
    off-road vehicles to the foot of the Tolbachik volcano. Walk along lava flows. Ascent. Incredible landscapes.
    Excursions to the Valley of Geysers, overflight of the Kliuchevskaya group of volcanoes, landing on the frozen lava, fishing on the mountain river.
    Contract and payment
    You leave a request for a tour, choose free dates, we together agree on all details and conclude a contract for the trip.
    After concluding the contract you book a place by paying 50% of the tour. Payment can be made in cash or by bank transfer.
    The contract protects you legally throughout the tour. You pay the remaining balance 3 months before the start of the tour.
    Schedule 7-day tour
    Leave a request and get the full hourly schedule for seven days
    08:00 – Breakfast and preparation of equipment for fishing

    09:00 – Fishing on boats under the guidance of experienced fishing guide

    13:00 – The fishing guide is preparing lunch. of fish and caviar + food in a thermobox

    18:00 – Visit to the bathhouse, steaming with spruce and birch brooms

    20:00 – Dinner, bar, hookah, board games, relaxation
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